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21st Mar 2023

Georgia Harrison shares vile voice notes sent by ex Stephen Bear denying his actions

Clodagh McKeon

“I’ve done nothing. It’s like you’re attention seeking”

In December 2022, Stephen Bear was found guilty of sharing a private video of himself and ex Georgia Harrison having sex at his home in Essex.

The court heard during the trial that the 33-year-old had posted the footage to OnlyFans without Georgia’s permission or knowledge and he was sentenced to 21 months in prison.

Following the trial, Georgia Harrison spoke out about the ordeal and shared the devastating impact it had on her.

She said: “I hope me taking a stand gives other men and women who have fallen victim to revenge porn the courage to seek justice and most importantly show them that they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.”

Last night Georgia’s documentary, Revenge Porn: Georgia Vs Bear, aired on ITV. She discussed her entire experience and shared voice notes Bear sent to her after the allegations were made public.

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The documentary shows a series of messages where Stephen can be heard pleading with her to stop telling “lies” and claiming that she had “lost the plot.”

In one voice note he says: “Trolls man, like what the f**k are you going on about?

“My DMs are flooded with everyone going apparently I’ve filmed you and sent it.

“Then I’ve gone on your story and you’ve actually written some f**king essays and essays, painting me out as someone I’m not.

“That’s not fair. You shouldn’t be doing that.

“Especially since I haven’t f**king sent anything I ever would.”

Georgia replied with a text that wrote: “I’ve got evidence to prove it and you know what you have done so don’t act dumb.”

Denying any wrongdoing, Stephen snapped back: “What do you mean what have I done?

“What the f**k have I apparently done? I’ve done nothing. It’s like you’re just attention seeking or something.”

The camera then switched to Georgia when she said: “He was just trying to manipulate me to feel sorry for him which in the past has worked.”

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In other voice notes, Stephen continued to deny everything saying: “I don’t do stuff like that, that’s next level s**t. That can just ruin people’s lives.

“You just don’t think before you do anything. That’s really not fair.”

Georgia wrote back: “I’ve spoken to multiple boys you’ve shown and I’ve got people who have it who have sent me screenshots.
“I’m getting you knicked.”

Bear’s disgusting reply was: “Have a bit of fun, show off to all your friends but when the dust settles, you’ll look like such an idiot for making up full blown lies.”

Georgia then said: “Wicked we’ll discuss it in court because you know what you’ve done.”

In Stephen’s final message, he claimed Georgia would look “dumb” when the truth comes out. He added: “God, you’ve actually lost the plot.

“F**king hell! Do your worst and you’re going to feel so f**king dumb afterwards.”