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06th Jun 2019

Galway company switches to a four-day working week but keeps staff on the same pay

Time for you and your colleagues to ask the boss.

The ICE Group, a recruitment, training, and outsourced services company in the West of Ireland, has announced plans to introduce a four-day working week for all of their employees with five days’ pay.

The company have also promised 100 per cent customer satisfaction; essentially, they say the standard of the services that they provide won’t be affected.

In terms of the rationale for making the switch, the company stated that the three-day weekend  “enables people to have quality time outside of their job to do the things they want with the people they love”.

“We value our employees and want to ensure that their quality of life both inside and out of work is as good as it can be,” they said.

The company also said that they’ll continue to operate six days per week as normal to ensure client satisfaction. However, work patterns will change to incorporate these changes.

This change to the working culture is part of a broader plan called Project 475100.

Basically, the plan is designed to find more flexible ways of working to motivate, encourage and retain staff members.

While this change might be slow to spread around other Irish workplaces, it might be worth having a word with your boss.

Who knows? You could be enjoying an extra day to yourself.

More details on the company’s arangements are provided here.