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29th Mar 2022

Five women allegedly spiked in the same Kildare nightclub

The poor woman.

A woman in Kildare has opened up after she ended up in hospital after she was allegedly spiked on a night out in Kildare, only to hear of five other women experiencing the same thing.

20 year old Kate Dempsey suffered a seizure after a night out with friends in McGowan’s bar and nightclub in Newbridge earlier this month, and was rushed to Naas General Hospital by ambulance when she blacked out, according to Dublin Live.

It was when she got to the hospital that she was told by paramedics that four other women who had gone to the same club had the same experience, all being admitted to hospital that same night in the same condition.

Kate said she only had three drinks at the club but doesn’t remember anything past 11.30pm. She believes that’s when she got spiked and when she arrived home at 3.25am and began having a seizure and was “hyperventilating and going in and out of consciousness”.

Kate told Dublin Live: “Nothing came back to me and two weeks later, nothing is coming back at all. It’s just blank from that time.

“I’ve no memory after 11:30pm that night, my friends said I was completely fine and then around 2:00am I seemed drunk, my eyes were rolling to the back of my head.


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“It lasted for two hours and I got an ambulance. I’ve no health conditions so I think my friends knew it was spiking. Even when I got into the ambulance, I was aware of what was happening during the seizures. I just had no control over my body.”

Kate could hear the paramedics saying they knew it wasn’t that she was drunk, that the cause of this was something else as she was the fifth person to arrive in this condition that night.

The ordeal left Kate physically sick for a few days but she is terrified to go out again, or even drink again for a while.

Kate revealed on her Instagram that all her tests came back clear, and she doesn’t know exactly what had been put in her system but doesn’t blame the nightclub for what happened, only the person responsible.

On March 24, nearly two weeks following the incident, McGowan’s Pub took to Facebook saying: “It is most troubling that reports have been circulating on social media regarding the alleged spiking of customers at our premises on Saturday, March 12.

“To date, no complaints have been made to us by or on behalf of injured parties. No witnesses have come forward, and the CCTV footage does not reveal any such activity.

“However, we are acutely aware that offenders operate in a discreet, nefarious and cunning manner.

“We encourage any and all injured parties and witnesses to reach out to us, so that we can investigate the matter fully and assist in apprehending any offender(s).

“Management has spoken with An Garda Siochana regarding the posts on social media.

“Following that discussion and having reviewed the general HSE advice, we would implore all of our customers to immediately seek the assistance of our staff, local medical authorities and An Garda Siochana should they suspect that a spiking incident has occurred.

“This will allow the immediate apprehension of the perpetrator of the assault.

“All staff are committed to ensuring that every customer has a safe and enjoyable experience at Mc Gowan’s of Newbridge.”