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16th Feb 2022

7 things you should do to prepare for the storm hitting this week

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It’s hitting.

As Ireland is set to be battered by two different storms this week, with Storm Dudley hitting today and Storm Eunice heading for us later this week, there are a few things we can do to get ahead of it.

The whole country is under a yellow weather warning until 11.30pm tonight, and Storm Eunice is set to bring strong winds and the chance of snow and heavy rain, with a yellow warning in place from 1pm to 3pm on Friday.

The public are being urged to stay indoors and wait out the storm and weather alerts will be updated early on Thursday to allow people to prepare in advance, but there are some things we can do now in preparation.

Prepare an emergency home kit

Have important items at the ready such as medication, first-aid kit, torch and a camera to photograph any potential damage to your property.

Keep a blanket and fuel for a fire handy in case the heating goes, as well as a flask of tea ready also. Keep any valuables upstairs in the event of a flood.

Check your travel plans and drive with caution

Items may be blown out in the road so if you must drive, do it with caution and watch for falling debris. Control of your car may also be hindered so allow for extra space and drive with dipped headlights at all times.

Avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

Gas Networks Ireland has warned that while they don’t predict it, in the event of a power cut, “never run generators or other petrol or diesel equipment indoors, under cover or close to access points in the property such as doors, windows or ventilation points.”

Bring your pets inside

It is unsafe for cats and dogs to be left outdoors so ensure any animal you have is brought inside.

Bring garden furniture inside

There’s nothing worse than waking up the morning after a storm and seeing your bins spilt everywhere and your furniture on the other side of the garden so to avoid this, bring them all inside and secure your bins.

Be seen when walking 

If you need to leave your home and either walk or cycle, it is important to dress to be seen with bright colours and reflective items.

Gardai warned: “These winds will make driving conditions hazardous, especially for more vulnerable road users such as cyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and high sided vehicles.”

Stock up on candles and charge your phone

In the event of the electricity going, ensure you have candles, torches, matches, lighters and a fully charged phone at the ready.