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17th Sep 2017

Even Chelsea players want Mayo to beat Dublin in the All-Ireland

Ah stop the lights and call the whole thing off

Niall McIntyre

Kany Kazadi

Friends in high places.

In fairness, if you’re not from the capital city, but you hope Dublin beat Mayo on Sunday to raise their third successive Sam Maguire, and therefore condemn Mayo to a 67th year of their famous drought, you really are out on your own.

For God’s sake, even the odd Dub will be shouting for Mayo just to bring an end to the Mayo for Sam chorus.

It’s the rest of the country against the Dubs, it might even be the rest of the world.

Mayo’s quest for the coveted trophy has attracted supporters aplenty from across the water, from football analyst Garth Crooks to Dub Andy Reid to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but we really think the jumping of Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois on the bandwagon tops the lot.

There’s something magic about the GAA, there’s something magic about Mayo.

Thousands upon thousands will tune into Sunday’s showpiece from all corners of the world, and even Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, one of the most famous shot-stoppers in the world will be tuning in.

The Belgian tweeted his support for the men from the west on Saturday evening.

Thibaut knows the score, Thibaut knows there’s a big game and he sure knows where his allegiances lie.

Maybe Thibaut is a big GAA fan, maybe he just loves Mayo, one thing’s for sure anyway and that’s that he’s won himself the love of a passionate county with his message.


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