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24th Jan 2018

Elle Darby slams White Moose Cafe revealing she’s received death threats

'I've received death threats'.

Orlaith Condon

The story continues…

Elle Darby has addressed the hurtful and negative comments she’s received over the past week since she was first called out by the White Moose Cafe for asking for a “collaboration” on their Facebook page.

The blogger approached the owner of the café, Paul Stenson, to ask if it would be possible to arrange a free stay in their hotel, The Charleville Lodge Hotel, in exchange for social media coverage on her platforms.

The hotel owner went on to post Darby’s message online – while blocking out her contact information and name – and shut down her request.

Since then, Elle took to YouTube to share her side of the story which was met with a €5.3 million invoice from the White Moose Cafe for the resulting publicity.

In the latest update, Elle has posted yet another lengthy video to her YouTube channel talking about the abuse she has received from social media users online.

Visibly upset, Darby told followers:

“The amount of abusive messages I have received; I don’t know what to say about this because I’ve never ever had what I’ve had over the last few days in my life and to be honest – it’s just been really overwhelming.

“People telling me that I should die, that they hope my children get cancer. I’ve been called every name under the sun, words I didn’t even know exist.”

The influencer went on to reveal the huge impact the incident has had on her mental health.

“I’ve never suffered from anxiety in my life, I’ve suffered from depression before but not anxiety.”

White Moose Cafe owner, Paul Stenson, took to Twitter himself to ask social media users to refrain from posting negative comments on Elle’s pages, saying:

“I don’t condone these comments… Insult me all you like, but leave the girl alone.”

However, later followed that with another tweet, saying:

“I don’t condone cyberbullying… but I don’t agree with the cyberbullying card being used as a tool to generate cash via YouTube views.”