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18th Sep 2023

Dublin dog owners are being warned of ‘fake dog warden’ scam

By Fiona Frawley.

Dog walkers in south Dublin are being warned of a man alleging to be a dog warden, and issuing out fines to people walking their dogs off the lead.

There have been several of incidents in Tallaght’s Tymon Park of dog walkers being approached by a man claiming to work as a dog warden for South Dublin County Council, according to Labour Councillor Pamela Kearns.

The opportunist has been issuing people €20 fines in Tymon Park.

Dublin dog owners warned of scam as ‘fake dog warden’ hands out fines.

According to The Irish Mirror, the man is reported to have been handing out €20 on-the-spot fines to anyone walking their dog off lead in the park.

In a warning on social media, Ms Kearns advised dog owners not to interact with anyone claiming to be working for the council unless they’re able to present credentials:

“I have spoken to the Park Ranger in Tymon Park and he has asked me to let people know that there is a man going around Tymon Park pretending to be the dog warden and issuing 20 euro on the spot fines for dogs off leads.

‘If you are approached by someone in the park please remember that if they are not in a council vehicle or can not present evidence of their credentials do not engage with them”.

Local council authorities have the power to hand out fines to people who do not clean up after their dogs, are unable to provide a dog licence or cannot provide identification for their dogs.

Dog owners are also liable to be fined for walking certain breeds of dogs off-lead or without a muzzle. These fines range between €100 or €150 for not cleaning up after your dog, and will only be issued by a registered dog warden.


(This article was originally published on Lovin’ Dublin).