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05th Jul 2023

Dee Forbes wrote letter to Tubridy promising not to cut his salary

The fallout from the Ryan Tubridy pay scandal continues.

Dee Forbes wrote a letter to Ryan Tubridy promising not to cut his salary. The former Director General of RTÉ gave Tubridy a “personal guarantee” that his pay would not decrease between April 2020 and March 2025.

The letter was sent in July 2020, according to The Independent.

It reads:

“The purpose of this correspondence is to record in writing our guarantee and undertaking that the fees set out in this

“Agreement will be paid by RTÉ without any reductions and RTÉ shall not make any request or inquiry from you in relation to a reduction in the agreed fees during the currency of the Agreement save as to those that might be imposed by changes to legislation.”

The publication of the letter comes after a review discovered more barter accounts.

Last night, it was revealed that RTÉ has several barter accounts, despite Chief Financial Officer Richard Collins claiming there was only one.

Speaking at last week’s parliamentary committee, he confirmed hundreds of transactions were made using the account.

€1.25m was spent on IRFU tickets, trips to Japan, as well as a Champions League final trip in 2019.

RTÉ has since confirmed there are three barter accounts. RTÉ claims the barter accounts were used for “hospitality and client entertainment”.

A Joint Oireachtas Committee will take place later today.