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02nd Sep 2021

China bans reality talent shows and tackles “vulgar influencers” on TV

Parts of the entertainment sector have been called “immoral.”

China has banned many reality TV talent shows in a bid to tackle what have been dubbed “unhealthy” moral values.

The country’s broadcasting regulator introduced the ban stating that “immoral” pop culture shows, such as American Idol-style reality shows are having a negative effect on China’s young population.

These shows, which see contestants compete against each other week on week in a talent show format, have proved considerably popular in China in recent years, amassing large fan bases particularly among young women and girls.

AFP reports the regulator has announced a desire to return to traditional Chinese values and “masculine” representations of men, while criticising the sometimes effeminate aesthetics of male participants in shows such as Youth With You.

The wildly popular reality TV series was taken off air earlier this year after fans bought and subsequently dumped gallons of milk to avail of QR codes to vote for their favourite acts.

Officials have also asked networks to avoid broadcasting “abnormal aesthetics”, “vulgar influencers” and entertainers with “lapsed morals.”

This comes after Chinese actor Zheng Shuang was fined $46 million for tax evasion, while reality star Kris Wu was detained by authorities in Beijing last month on suspicion of rape.

“Chaotic” fandom culture is also currently being tackled by officials, after fans reportedly stated that they would break Wu out of prison if he was found guilty.

Actor Zhang Zhehan has also reportedly disappeared from the internet after sharing photos taken at the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, which commemorates Japanese soldiers who died in World War Two.