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01st Sep 2017

Frightening warning to public about overcharging devices

Scary stuff.

Darragh Berry

It’s something we have all been guilty of doing too.

It’s almost force of habit at this stage but the majority of us have left our phones in charging overnight while we head to the land of nod.

Even if our phone is on 70% and still has a good bit of a lifespan left, we still feel that it’s necessary to plug it in just so it can reach the magic maximum number for the morning.

However, this photo will make you think twice about doing so ever again.

Dublin Fire Brigade took to Twitter to spread a very important message to the public about the overcharging of electronic devices.

The team responded to nearly 200 calls in the space of 24 hours up until Thursday night and the photo they shared happened to be one of them.

Their tweet read: “An example of device safety. Don’t over-charge devices, or leave the house whilst charging them. Always check for a CE mark.”

If there is any reason not to try and push your phone to its 100% limit, this should be the main one but it is also bad for your phone in other ways.

You may not know this but according to Wireless Design Mag, pushing the phone’s battery from 99% – to the top figure is wearing out the battery and overall life of the phone.

So, instead, maybe stick your phone on charge while you’re scrolling through apps in bed before you go to sleep.