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17th Jan 2019

A Canadian man has been sentenced to death in China for smuggling drugs

canadian man

He was arrested in 2014.

A Canadian man has been sentenced to death in China for drug smuggling.

Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, who is 36, was given his sentence in Liaoning Province earlier today.

This was his second trial after his arrest, which occurred in 2014.

Originally, Robert was given a 15-year prison sentence for his role in smuggling methamphetamines to Australia.

These are charges which he and his lawyers have vigorously denied.

He had been detained for two full years before going to trial, where he eventually got his 15 year sentence.

He appealed the sentence, which has led to the death penalty.

Dalian Intermediate People’s Court handed down the death penalty, the court said in a brief statement on its website.

The court believes that Robert is “involved in organised international drug crime.”

His aunt, Lauri Nelson-Jones said: “He’s become a pawn.”

“We can only guess, but that is definitely what it looks like, and that is incredibly worrisome. We’re just worried that it won’t be a fair trial or a fair outcome.”