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21st Sep 2015

Apple Watch Price List is Finally Revealed

It costs HOW MUCH?

 Technology giants Apple are set to release the Apple Watch to Irish audiences this Friday, months after the device has been made available in the US and the UK. 

The smart watch links to an IOS device and gives users the opportunity to remotely control their devices.

While there was speculation the Apple Watch had flopped, company CEO Tim Cook told investors in late July that sales had already “exceeded expectations” and were ahead of early iPad or even iPhone sales.

The basic model, the Watch Sport, will start at €429.

The 42mm model will start at €479.

The standard model, which has the same technical specs but is made from stainless steel rather than aluminium, starts at €679.

And for those who have money to burn, the 18-carat gold Apple Watch Editions will soar to €18,500.