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16th Apr 2021

Eight people killed at FedEx facility in Indianapolis after mass shooting

Danny Jones

The shooting took place at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis.

It has been reported that eight people have been declared dead after a mass shooting in Indianapolis, United States.

The attack took place around 11pm local time at a FedEx facility not far from Indianapolis International Airport, with a further seven individuals wounded and taken to a nearby hospital.

This comes just less than a month on from the mass shooting in Boulder and just a week on from ex-NFL player, Phillip Adams, killing five people and himself in South Carolina.

You can hear the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Genae Cook giving a statement below:

Though full details of the incident have yet to be confirmed, it is thought the assailant opened fire using a “sub-machine gun” or “some sort of automatic rifle”, according to witness, Jeremiah Miller.

The FedEx worker said he “immediately ducked down and got scared” upon seeing the attacker open fire.

No motive has yet been established but the suspected gunman is believed to have turned the gun on himself. His identity is also yet to be confirmed.

Based on statistics from the Gun Violence Archive, this puts the total deaths from gun violence at 12,395 this year already – 147 of which were in mass shootings. There were 610 mass shootings in 2020 and the number of casualties throughout America’s modern history is almost immeasurable.