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15th Jul 2016

Anonymous issues advice to those attempting to access social media in Turkey

The situation remains uncertain

Tom Victor

Activist group Anonymous has responded to the ongoing uncertainty in Turkey by offering citizens a way to access social media.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are thought to be inaccessible amid what Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım has described as an attempt from sections of the military to seize power.

And Anonymous has encouraged those within the country to download Tor, an internet browser which hides the user’s location, as soon as possible.

Some people in Turkey claim to still be able to access Twitter, though the situation is ongoing and subject to change.

Gunfire has been reported in Ankara, the Turkish capital city, while there have been similarly unconfirmed reports of a military takeover of Ataturk International, the country’s largest airport.

With social media seemingly inaccessible to many across the country, it is unclear how much fresh information will emerge from independent eyewitness sources.

It is being reported that TRT – the state-run media company and broadcaster – is now in the hands of those behind the coup, though Anonymous say this goes against the Prime Minister’s statements.

At the time of writing, the main TRT television station has reportedly been taken off air.

Update: Anonymous claim internet access is still working, although social media is disrupted.

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