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09th Jul 2017

Angela Merkel eye-rolling Putin is every woman being mansplained to ever

We feel your pain, Angela.

Orlaith Condon

It’s been an eventful couple of days at the G20 summit, and it was all summed up by this reaction from Angela Merkel.

In an animated conversation with Vladimir Putin, the German chancellor was spotted having a very familiar reaction.

Merkel’s eye roll was a very familiar sight indeed for every qualified woman who has ever had to stand there and be mansplained to.

The glorious moment was obviously caught by cameras and, of course, shared online.

The GIF shared on Twitter was quickly spread like wildfire, with over 81,000 retweets, it’s clear that it has struck a chord with many.

And this wasn’t the first time Merkel was caught having some strong reactions to her fellow world leaders.

Yesterday, she was spotted having to bury her head in her hands during a conversation with US President, Donald Trump – a reaction we can only imagine was incredibly restrained.

She was also copped throwing some serious shade at Russian President Vladimir Putin yet again, this time during a group picture which she clearly did not want him a part of.

Her serious side-eye again was shared by the masses.