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30th Nov 2021

Andrew McGinley receives messages of support from RTE staff after cancelled interview

Family has also reached out.

A number of RTÉ staff members have sent messages of sympathy to Andrew McGinley to offer him support after he was axed from the Late Late Show line up.

Andrew revealed that “quite a few” of the staff got in contact with him after news broke of the grieving father being pulled from the show when an objection letter stated that “it could be a painful and traumatic experience.”

Andrew t0ld The Mirror that staff had reached out to him since. He also criticised the broadcaster for their “inappropriate” request to film inside the church at his children’s funerals.

“There was more than one or two RTE staff members that contacted me and most of them were at pains to say, ‘I just wanted to message you with my support but I can’t [support you publicly]’,” the 54 year old said.

“I just said, ‘I appreciate that’ and no worries and it is understandable.

“Out of all of this I just think to myself, have RTE been open and honest and transparent and I don’t believe they have been.”

Last week, RTÉ defended their decision to remove Andrew from the show.

Andrew later said that “it doesn’t stack up” for the TV station to drop a guest at the last minute after “three people” make complaints.

Andrew also said that he had planned to use his slot on the couch with Ryan Tubridy as a chance to launch the As Darragh Did charity.

Andrew added that a number of Deirdre’s siblings and extended family have also contacted him to send well wishes since the news broke.