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17th Feb 2019

Alpaca named Ed Sheeran dies of shock following eye gouge attack

Jade Hayden

An alpaca named Ed Sheeran has died following a brutal eye gouging.

The animal was allegedly attacked in the town of Bicester, England this week by an unknown assailant who used a blade to remove the alpaca’s eye.

While it was initially hoped that the animal would survive the attack, Ed Sheeran later passed away from shock.

The Mirror reports that a post on the village Facebook page alerted other residents to the sickening and heartbreaking news.

“There has been another vicious attack on an alpaca,” the post read. “Someone has used a blade to remove his eye.”

Another post on a related Facebook page informed the community that the alpaca had died of shock following the attack.

This comes after another alpaca living in a field in the same town was savagely attacked last November.

The animal died after being disembowelled by an unknown attacker. Its body was also found mutilated.