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10th Jul 2020

Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge in Dublin has closed its doors for good

Anna Daly

Now where do we go for a late-night coffee?

Accents Coffee & Tea Lounge has just announced that it is closing its doors for good and, lads, we are pretty fecking devastated.

For so many years, Accents has been our go-to for first dates, old friend reunions, or just for those late-night coffee cravings (yes, we know they’re a bad idea, but if we want to mess up our sleep schedule that’s our choice).

There’s nowhere that quite did the homely comfort feeling like Accents with their bookshelves, their map of the world filled with pins by customers from all over the globe, and their super comfy couches down in the comforting semi-darkness of downstairs.

No more will we enjoy their adorable coffee art, their hot chocolate where you put in the chocolate pieces yourself (on which they also often included foam art so the non caffeine-drinkers weren’t missing out), or the disappointment when you realised that the downstairs was closed (usually for fun things like music or poetry readings).

Looks like we’ll have to go back to the half-hour deliberation before finally deciding on somewhere to go for coffee. We will miss the ease of: “coffee?” “Sure.” “Accents?” “Let’s do it.”

There hasn’t been much explanation behind the reason for the closure but we can imagine that the lockdown may have played at least some part in it.

This really is a sad one and we wish the owners and everyone involved in the café all the best.