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22nd Jun 2016

A bill has passed ensuring tampons and pads are to be distributed freely in New York

This is genius idea

Rebecca Keane

We all know the stress of having a period.

If it’s not the stress of going through the emotional rollercoaster dealing with hormones, it’s the physical pain of period cramps.

On top of all that trauma, you have to go out and buy hygiene products to deal with the mess down there and they can be expensive enough.

It’s refreshing news that a bill has been passed in New York City to supply sanitary towels and tampons freely to women in schools, homeless shelters and prisons.

Female disposable sanitary hygiene pads placed on top of a calendar

According to The Huffington Postmembers of the New York Council passed a bill which will grant women menstruating access to hygiene products in their nearby vicinity without spending a cent.

The bill was passed among members by 49-0, guaranteeing the initiative will bring tampons and pads easily to suffering schoolgirls, homeless women and female convicts.

Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras spoke of the important issue which is sure to relieve girls and women in the New York area

“It is the only one of its kind, and it says periods are powerful.

“Menstrual hygiene products are as necessary as toilet paper — and no one is freaking out about toilet paper.”

The bill has yet to be signed into law by the city’s Mayor DeBlasio which will make New York one of America’s cities to freely offer female hygiene products to women.

It’s not yet known if the initiative is to be introduced in other cities, but it would definitely be welcome in Dublin and Ireland’s other towns and cities.

Lead image via Twitter