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11th Jul 2023

78-year-old man proposes to his childhood sweetheart at the airport

We’re not crying, you are!

A 78-year-old man has melted the hearts of millions after proposing to his childhood sweetheart at the airport.

The charming proposal has gone viral on TikTok and we’re not one bit surprised.

Dr. Thomas McMeekin got several members of his team at Academic Alliance in Dermatology in Tampa, where he still practices, to help him woo his bride-to-be at Tampa International Airport after she’d just touched down from California.

Video of the proposal has clocked up millions of collective views on TikTok and elicited hundreds of emotional responses from commenters.

Footage shows McMeekin, aka Dr. Love, waiting patiently in a grey suit for his now-fiancee, 79-year-old Nancy Gambell, then embracing her in a hug as she comes through the arrival gates.

In the video, captured by medical assistant Angelia Fedrick, McMeekin leads Gambell over to a seat at the gate and hands her a bouquet of red roses and a necklace with both of their birthstones on it before kneeling down on a pillow, and pulling out his proposal speech.

According to a report by Insider, he then says: “It’s been sixty years since we first met. You have always been the one that I’ve had a crush on since your cheerleader days.”

After tearfully asking for her hand in marriage, Gambell responds, “I will.”

According to a local Fox affiliate (Fox 13 Tampa Bay), McMeekin and Gambell met in high school in California and briefly dated in college before going their separate ways.

They reconnected a decade ago at their 50th high school reunion, but at that time, they were both married to other people.

McMeekin has been married three times. Gambell has been married four. The pair realised they were meant to be and decided not to waste any more time.

You can watch the proposal below:

@angelial.fedrick3 Rekindled love after 60 years! There’s hope for us yet! extremely happy for you and Nancy!! ?❤️? #DrMcMeekin #AAD #dermatology #truelovestory #retirement ♬ Beautiful Memories – Lux-Inspira