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04th Jan 2015

7-Year-Old Miraculously Survives Plane Crash That Claims The Lives Of 4 Others

The young girl walked to find help after escaping from the wreckage.


A 7-year-old girl managed to escape a plane crash in western Kentucky that claimed the lives of four others. 

Sailor Gutzler walked for three-quarters of a mile to find help before making her way to Larry Wilkins home on Friday evening. The 71-year-old said he opened the door to the “brave little girl” who was barefoot and “bleeding pretty badly”.

In an interview with NBC, Wilkins said: “She told me that her mom and her dad were dead, and she was in a plane crash, and the plane was upside down.

“She asked if she could stay here. I got a wash cloth and cleaned her up. And of course called 911.

“I felt so sorry for her, tears come to my eyes. Brave little girl.”

Those killed were identified as the youngster’s parents Marty and Kimberly Gutzler, 9-year-old sister, Piper, and 14-year-old cousin, Sierra Walder.

Dean Patterson of Kentucky State police called the young girl’s survival miraculous.

“This girl came out of the wreckage herself and found the closest residence and reported the plane crash,” Patterson said.

“It’s a miracle in a sense that she survived it, but it’s tragic that four others didn’t”.

Federal Aviation Administration are currently investigating the cause of the accident. FAA spokeswoman, Kathleen Bergen, explained that air traffic controllers had lost contact with a Piper PA-34 aircraft a short period after the pilot reported issues with the engine.

Sailor is being treated for injuries, which are said not to be life threatening.

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