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25th Nov 2015

The White Ribbon Campaign – Ending Men’s Violence Against Women And Girls

Ellen Tannam

Today is White Ribbon Day, a day to raise awareness of the epidemic of violence perpetrated by men against women and girls. 

White Ribbon is the largest global male-led campaign to end men’s violence against women and promote gender equality.They want to change attitudes through education, and by engaging with men and boys to try and bring about social change. 

The campaign targets men in order to get them involved in the prevention of violence against women and girls, and to challenge negative ideas of what it is to ‘be a man’. 


31% of women surveyed by the FRA in Ireland have experienced psychological abuse from a male partner. 26% of women surveyed experienced sexual or physical violence perpetrated by men since the age of 15. 


So, what can men do to help end the cycle of physical, sexual and mental abuse? Be respectful towards women, girls and other men. Realise the importance of consent in sexual situations. If a friend makes a sexist joke, call them out on it. See women as people, and individuals who demand your respect rather than objects.

Ending this culture of toxic masculinity is vital if we wish to change a world in which currently one in 4 women have been physically or sexually abused.

Today you can donate €4 to the campaign by texting ‘WHITE RIBBON’ to 50300, or buy a white ribbon today.

Find out more here.

Main Image: White Ribbon Ireland