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29th May 2017

You’ll go bananas for this artist’s amazingly fruity creations

Orlaith Condon

Art comes in all shapes and sizes.

And someone who is proving just that is Stephan Brusche.

The artist, who is based in the Netherlands, spends his days creating amazing works of art with a very unlikely medium.

Better known as iSteef in artistic circles, Stephan has become well known for the amazing masterpieces he creates with bananas.

From drawing, to painting, to sculpting, we were very surprised to learn just how many pieces you can create with the humble fruit.

“They show the things I care about or like the most,” the artist told Bored Panda. “Not a real agenda behind it. Mostly fun and whatever idea pops into my head when I look at a banana. Though I like to make more Bible Bananas just to show how fascinating that book is.”