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10th Mar 2022

7 of the best Irish prints you can buy on greeting cards now

Jade Hayden

Irish greeting cards, anyone?

If you’ve got the special event of a loved one coming up, chances are you’re going to buy them a card.

We’re talking birthdays, we’re talking anniversaries, we’re even talking just casual cards to say hi, if that’s your thing.

Greeting card and gift site Moonpig this week launched in Ireland for the first time, and with it they brought thousands of unique Irish birthday, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s Day cards.

What’s more is that many, many of the work comes directly from Irish illustrators that you no doubt know and love, from Twisted Doodles to Floillustrate to Megan McMahon and Conor Merriman.

We’ve put together a list of 7 of our favourite Irish cards from the lot – and let us tell you, it was difficult to choose.

Daniel O’Donnell greeting card (Karen Flannery): €3.29

Buy here. 

Irish Butter greeting card (Bronagh Lee): €3.29.

Buy here.

I Will In Me Hoop greeting card (Conor Merriman): €3.29

Buy here. 

Dermot Bannon greeting card (Karen Flannery): €3.29.

Buy here. 

Oscar Wilde greeting card (Conor Merriman): €3.49

Buy here. 

Bag of Cans greeting card (Megan McMahon): €3.29

Buy here. 

Sudocrem greeting card (Christopher Ferry): €3.29

Buy here. 

If the above selection wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, you can find hundreds more Irish greeting cards here. 

Anyone who signs up to Moonpig Ireland before March 23 will receive one free standard size greeting card.