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24th Feb 2019

Important: Urban Outfitters is selling shower wine holders, so drink up honey

Rebecca O'Keeffe

urban outfitters


Do you ever just stumble upon something and think “where has this been all my life?”

Well, if you haven’t, we can guarantee you’re about to.

It has come to our attention that Urban Outfitters is selling wine glass holders for the shower.

Can we please order 40?

urban outfitters

The Urban Outfitters website describes the product, named the Sipski with perfect detail.

“Kick back and relax at the end of a long day by taking your wine in the shower with this SIPSKI wine glass holder.

“Silicone backing adheres to your shower or bath wall and holds your wine steady when you’re done taking a sip.”

This life changing product (yes, it will change your life) costs a reasonable $15, which is around €13.

It also comes in two chic shades, sea-foam and marble, to match the decor of your bathroom.

urban outfitters

Not a wine drinker friend? Fear not.

There are also in-shower beer holders, which function similarly to the wine version.

People thought that cars would fly in 2019…

This is way better.