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06th Aug 2019

Twitter is in BITS after this hilarious bridal story goes viral

Olivia Hayes

We all know the ones.

And if you haven’t experienced one, you’ve definitely heard of one or seen one on TV.

Yes… temperamental brides.

While some might fuss over flowers and table settings, others are on a different scale, and this one in particular is demanding money off guests.

We’ve seen the threads before, but this story has been brought up on Twitter and users are ripping it to shreds.

The contents include a bride-to-be saying that she wanted to spend $60k on a wedding, and requested money from family and friends.

She asked each guest to give her $1,500 to put towards the wedding, and if they didn’t have the money, they weren’t invited to the “exclusive” event.

As nobody would give her money, she lowered the price to $1,000… but (obviously) nobody wanted to give her that either.

Four days before the wedding was supposed to go down, her soon-to-be husband suggested they went to Vegas… she was so appalled by his suggestion that the ended up breaking up.

It’s just the most bizarre and mental story we’ve seen on the Internet today.

Twitter user @grumpstorm shared the bride’s post (that was taken from a Facebook page) and captioned it “This is the best thing I have ever read.” It was first posted this time last year but has been doing the round on Twitter again today.

Here it is:

And here are some of the hilarious replies: