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15th Aug 2017

Irish J1 student doesn’t recognise she’s serving Leo Varadkar at work

Oh dear...

Wait your turn, Taoiseach.

When you’re on your J1, you expect to meet a lot of Irish people but you never think that you will meet someone as well-known as this.

While Leo Varadkar, the Taoiseach of Ireland, might be well known to me, you and nearly everyone in this country, he just wasn’t a familiar face to Emma Kelly.

Kelly is on her J1 in Chicago where Varadkar is taking a little vacation and the Dublin student just didn’t clock who it was.

Posting a tweet she said: “Leo varadkar comes into our restaurant in Chicago, first I ask is he Irish then I put him on a wait list and then I put him at a tiny table.”

Not only has poor old Emma Kelly completely blanked the fact that it’s the Taoiseach she’s also given him some unintentional cold treatment.

Then, the realisation hits Kelly like a Dublin bus and after she has the lightbulb moment that the Irish man in the casual attire is who he is, she tries to save it all by taking a photo with him…

Leo Varadkar saw the funny side to the whole thing and decided to reply to Emma’s tweet about her awkward encounter with him.

Varadkar said: “Thanks Emma. The food & service was gr8. Enjoy the rest of your J1.”