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28th Feb 2018

From bread, to the beast… the best tweets about the SNOW in Ireland this morning

We're a hilarious bunch

Olivia Hayes

It’s a great sight.

It’s safe to say on Monday and Tuesday of this week we all went a bit mad about the weather.

Met Éireann was warning that we’d see the worst snowfall in 40 years, and everyone and their granny decided to stock up on bread (because we’re Ireland, and we have a problem, apparently).

Image result for brennans bread

However, even though we knew it was coming, it was utter delight (and to some, a bit of dread), as we opened our curtains and saw a blanket of snow covering the roads and pathways.

Because of this, Twitter is at it’s peak, and it might as well be a playground for Irish people as we craic jokes about the beast… and of course, Brennan’s bread.

Here are some of the best tweets from this morning: