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22nd May 2014

You’ll Never Guess HOW Long We’ll Spend Taking a Selfie in Our Lifetime…

Now we're feeling guilty...


Too busy to catch that coffee date with a friend? Or maybe you’re still working out how to squeeze in that exercise routine? Well apparently we’re not too busy for the important things in life… like taking a selfie.

First we had the ‘Selfie Song‘, and now according to research, the craze is set to be a lifelong habit. New research shows the average woman will now spend 753 hours of their life trying to master the perfect selfie…

The study showed that the average woman will spend a month of her life taking, retaking, deleting, changing filters or retouching their self-snapped images to find the perfect selfie.

When ranking the expertise required to bag the perfect picture, the survey found the most important tricks included:

  • Choosing soft or moody lighting (51%)
  • Shooting from a downward angle (47%)
  • Adopting a ‘slimming’ body pose (46%)
  • Applying smartphone filters (37%)
  •  ‘Smizing’ – made popular by supermodel Tyra Banks (29%)

The research also found a quarter of women would never upload a photo of themselves without applying at least one of the tricks above.

This could explain one or two of those ultra-flattering Tinder pics of the date you didn’t recognise straight away.