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14th Oct 2019

Most women are turned off by a lad’s messy bedroom, finds research

Jade Hayden

Shocking news.

Most women are turned off by a lad if he has a messy bedroom.

A considerable 51 per cent of women have said that if they went back to a guy’s gaff and their bedroom was messy, the mood would be instantly killed.

Bad news for the hoarders everywhere, so.

The research, conduced by Storage World, showed that out of all the things that are potentially ruining relationships, having too many things scattered around your room is one that people aren’t all that aware of.

While just over half of women are turned off by a messy room, only 25 per cent of men feel the same, which honestly says a lot more about lads than it does us.

One night stands aren’t the only scenarios where messiness is causing problems though.

Apparently, almost three quarters of people in relationships are afraid to confront their other half about their messy habits, despite the fact that lack of communication in a relationship is absolutely going to cause problems in the future.

So lads, if you want to pull, you might want to start pulling all your shit together (and placing it in a storage unit out of sight).