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19th Sep 2017

Twitter is not impressed by this woman’s ‘Hurricane Irma makeup’

"She obviously thinks natural disasters are a good look."

Jade Hayden

natural disaster

Earlier this month, Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc across the Caribbean, Florida, and parts of Georgia.

The storm left thousands without shelter, food, and supplies, as it destroyed homes, cut power, and tore through towns.

The death toll for Hurricane Irma stands at 34 in Florida alone, with this number expected to rise as entire streets are still flooded and houses remain under water.

In the lead up to the storm, many social media users began sharing information about the best ways the wait out the hurricane.

They collected supplies for each other, rescued each other from flooded buildings, and just did their best to ensure that those worst affected by the storm weren’t left with nothing.

One Twitter user, however, decided to create a makeup look inspired by Hurricane Irma.

Kali Harlow may not have anticipated how badly the storm would affect people living in these areas or, maybe she did, but either way she shared a photo of herself sporting Hurricane Irma eye makeup.

Understandably, Twitter was not impressed.

“Millions of people could lose their homes, pets, family and you’re doing a look knowing the destruction and devastation it’s about to cause?” asked one user, Leia.

“She obviously thinks natural disasters are a good look,” said another.

However, some users failed to see why others were getting so annoyed at Kali’s look.

“I’m not one to get offended so easily and always see the positive side to things,” said a woman named Kelsey Brooke.

“Kali don’t listen to these people. U did nothing wrong at all!” argued Jesus Monserrat.

Kali responded to these people herself, saying that she was just trying to find hope in the situation.

She also pointed out that other people were “throwing Hurricane parties, making cakes, making memes, and videos about this storm,” before she posted her look.

Kali has stood by her look and has since posted some other makeup ideas on her page.

None of them are natural disaster related however, so maybe the reaction to her latest endeavor was enough to put her off.