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10th Jun 2023

Woman has ‘worst flight of her life’ after being given wrong food on 15-hour journey


By Steve Hopkins.

The influencer made tearful videos from the toilet

An influencer has described a 15-hour flight as being the “worst” of her life, after a pastry “mix up” left her running for the bathroom.

Chloë Chapdelaine was on a 15-hour flight from Dubai to Los Angeles on Monday when the drama unfolded.

The 25-year-old, who has celiac disease, said she made sure she selected gluten-free meal options before boarding the Emirates flight.

The Canadian content creator said that after eating half a plain croissant she was informed it contained gluten, a substance she hasn’t eaten in nine years.

Naturally, she made a TikTok from the bathroom, explaining what happened next.

@chloe.chapdelaine I’m feeling defeated today. I often share about gluten free travel, but not the struggles. This stuff happens too often ? did you spot the outlier? ? @Emirates #glutenfreetravel #glutenfreelife #airplanefail #celiacdisease ♬ apathy (Sped Up) – Øneheart

Fighting back tears in the restroom, Chapdelaine laments: “I do feel like celiac disease is not taken as seriously [as nut allergies] at times.

“I do feel that people with food allergies or sensitivities deserve to exist safely and be taken seriously in their medical condition and that’s not always the case.

The clip — which was viewed more than 1.8 million times — also included footage of the incriminating croissant.

“I am very highly sensitive and my celiac disease will react to a trace amount or cross-contamination,” Calgary-based Chapdelaine further explained in an interview with Kennedy News on Friday.

She said being told she had eaten so much gluten was “really scary for me” and explained that she felt the effects of it almost immediately.

Chapdelaine forced herself to throw up and says she spent about an hour doing it, “which was horrible”. And then came the diarrhoea, nausea, stomach cramps and itching skin.

She estimated it will take her about two weeks to fully recover from the brain fog and the depression that eating the gluten has caused.

Chapdelaine said Emirates flight attendants were sympathetic, but she had filed a formal complaint.


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