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23rd Jul 2023

Woman sparks debate after asking time blindness question in job interview

By Joseph Loftus

“Your stupid generation wants to destroy the workplace.”

A woman on TikTok has sparked a monumental debate online on the subject of time blindness.

If like me you could kinda figure out just what time blindness is but wasn’t 100% sure, well a quick google search reveals that time blindness is ‘the inability to sense the passing of time’ and it’s something which apparently ‘can make nearly every aspect of a person’s life more difficult’.

Apparently time blindness is more frequent in people who suffer from ADHD and they are left completely unaware of the ticking of the time, the ticking of clocks. God.

One woman recently went viral on TikTok after claiming that she was ridiculed in a job interview when asking how they cater for people with time blindness.

While the woman in the video tearfully states that it was a ‘very reasonable’ question, she says that she was called ‘entitled’ for even asking the question.

The video, which was posted by Sarah Trefren (@chaotic_philosopher) to TikTok just last week has already had over five million views and has ignited a serious debate on the subject of time blindness online.

In the video, Sarah says: “I just got yelled at for asking a very reasonable question. I am applying to go somewhere and I just wanted to know are there accommodations for people who struggle with time blindness and being on time, you know.

“And then the person that I was with interrupted and acted like I was asking something else and then when we were done they actually started yelling at me and saying accommodations for time blindness don’t exist and if you struggle being on time you will never be able to get a job – you know, provided you are trying your absolute best to be there.”

Sarah concluded: “And then they’re like, your stupid generation wants to destroy the workplace.”

Understandably, the video and its sentiment caused quite the argument online as that’s what happens with absolutely everything nowadays.

Some people were with Sarah and some were against her.

One person wrote: “You hit he nail on the head with this one. My disappointment in society can’t be described.”

Another argued: “I have ADHD the accommodations are clocks and setting alarms and waking up earlier.”

A third said: “Would you accommodate your employer for paying you 5 days later due to their ‘time blindness?

And a fourth bellowed: “Sure maybe time blindness is a thing, but it’s easy to combat/fix. You’re just being ‘lazy’ or victimising yourself if you can’t do those simple solutions.”


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