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22nd Sep 2014

Woman Smashes Windshield to Save Baby From Hot Car

The child's father said he has forgotten the baby was in the car.

Rebecca McKnight

A Texas woman smashed a stranger’s windshield and crawled into their car to rescue a one-year-old baby trapped in the roasting vehicle. 

Security cameras showed afterwards that the infant had left in the hot parked car for almost 40 minutes. Witnesses told how staff for the surveillance company had attempted to contact the parents over the PA system but they did not return until some time later.

Ignoring warnings from security guards, Angela Radtke reportedly said: “I don’t care if I get arrested, I’m going to save this baby.”

Radtke was questioned by police after the incident, but was freed according to a ‘good Samaritan’ law which exists in Texas.

The child’s father admitted on returning that he had “forgotten” that the baby was in the car. He now faces charged of child endangerment.

The baby was taken to hospital and treated for dehydration. The infant will now be placed in the custody of Child Protective Services.


 “Good Samaritan” Angela, pictured by KENS