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19th Nov 2018

Woman rejects guy on Tinder… he stalks her on Instagram and writes creepy messages


If you’ve been on any dating site, you’ve more than likely come across a creepy guy or two (or dozens).

There are the ones that constantly message you even though you have never responded. There’s the ones that will write disgusting things as their very first message. There’s the ones that send you unsolicited dick pics.

There’s lots of creepy guys with creepy ways out there and unfortunately, our only solution is to ignore and block them. Sigh.

However, this guy went one step further after a women rejected him on Tinder. He swiped right for her on the dating app, but she swiped left. When he copped onto her dismissal, he then started to follow her to Instagram and message her there.

And my God, would he ever take the hint that she wasn’t interested?!

Short answer: No. Of course he didn’t.

Instead, he called her irrational. He said she had issues and worst of all, he said that she’s the reason why a man would be an assh*le to her.

She took screenshots of the exchange and shared them on Twitter: