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05th Feb 2021

Woman praised for sharing how her “outie labia” is normal on TikTok

“So are you ready for your anatomy lesson today?”

This is a topic that needs to be opened up to the room and everyone needs to listen up, especially women. Vaginas come in all shapes and sizes and that’s a fact.

As women we grow up thinking either everyone’s vagina looks like a Barbie or there’s something wrong with yours. That’s not ok.

The thing is no one tells us this when we’re in our teens, all vaginas come in all shapes and sizes. This needs to be talked about more than it has been, we’re all different and every one of us is normal.

As a gay woman I came to understand quite quickly that every woman is different and there are many types of vaginas and they’re all perfect because they are you. If you think about it even men know before we do that there are many different types of vaginas, women are the last to know!


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Well, one woman is putting it all out there on TikTok and talks about how having an “outie labia” is normal.

New Yorker Gabriella Scaringe explained the difference between “Innie vs Outi” to her followers after another one of her videos raised some questions about vaginas.

Gaby’s video starts by saying “in my last video I explained that I had an outie and a lot of you guys commented and said you didn’t know what that meant or what that was. So are you ready for your anatomy lesson today?”

The video goes through everything in detail, “so you have your outer labia and your inner labia. An ‘innie’ is when your outer labia protrudes more than your inner labia. So you don’t really see the inside stuff or you don’t really see the inside stuff as much as you would if you weren’t.”

“So when you think of innie think of Barbie, think of it looking like a seashell, maybe it’s a little bit puffy, ya know… it’s cute.”


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♬ original sound – Gaby

She tells her followers “I personally identify as an outie which means my inner parts protrude a little more than my outer parts. And outies get a bad rep because they’re called the Arby’s sandwich, or the burger… every panini is beautiful.”

The response has been positive from everyone one TikToker wrote “I literally cried my eyes out and wanted to get surgery when I was a teenager cause of the hate for outies. We really gotta tell teens more that it’s ok!”

“I’ve always been comfortable talking about the things that might be uncomfortable to some – especially surrounding sex.”

“I’m so glad that I can make people feel better about their natural anatomy. You are normal! You are beautiful! (Whether you’re an ‘innie’, an ‘outie’, or anything in between!)”