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11th May 2015

Woman Gives Birth on Board Flight to Tokyo

Talk about excess baggage!

Rebecca McKnight

This is plane crazy…

A Canadian woman has given birth aboard a plane to.

In a turn of events the father of the baby has deemed “completely unexpected”, the 23-year-old woman was on board an Air Canada flight when she went into labour.

One of her fellow passengers happened to be a doctor who volunteered his services when the crew asked for assistance.

The young woman gave birth to her baby girl above the Pacific Ocean, before the plane was given priority landing at Narita Airport just outside the city.

Media Preview Of New LCC Terminal At Narita Airport

The plane landed 30 minutes earlier than scheduled at Narita Airport

Speaking on Japanese television, the newborn’s father said: “I couldn’t imagine. This happened completely unexpectedly.”

“It turned out to be a beautiful baby girl.”

The infant and her mother were taken to hospital after disembarking the plane but an Air Canada spokeman has confirmed they are both doing well.