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05th Apr 2019

Here’s how to revel in the nostalgia and WIN an illustration of your favourite childhood memory

Anna Daly

Brought to you by Club.

It will be captured forever.

Memory is a funny thing. While most memories from childhood fade with age, there are always those few that slip through, for years staying as vivid as if they had happened yesterday.

Generally it’s either the really good memories or the really bad ones that stick with you. We’re going to focus on those really good ones because, I mean, who wants to remember the time when you were seven and a spider fell on your face while you were sleeping? No thanks. Let’s let those good times roll.

That’s what Club Orange are doing at the moment with their Great Then, Great Now campaign. They are celebrating all the great memories we have from growing up with Club. Sure they’ve been around since the 1930s themselves so they’ve been there for most of them. Holidays (our favourite times) were marked by an uptake in our soft drink allowance, so Club Orange was around for all of our best days.

They’re looking at all the wonderful things and times we had over the years and reminding us that the vast majority are just as wonderful today. Who doesn’t love throwing on …Baby One More Time every now and then? Or watching a nail biting football moment from years ago on YouTube? Or even listening to Neil Armstrong’s fuzzy-sounding but still powerful message when he took his first steps on the moon? Classic.

Those memories are all nationally or internationally shared memories though. Most of our good memories are our own personal experiences, and Club are celebrating those too (let no memories be left out!). Actually, they’re doing more than just celebrating them – they’re giving someone the chance to get those memories set down on paper forever.

The illustrator of their Great Then, Great Now campaign, Fatti Burke, has created some adorable illustrations representing moments and memories from throughout the years. Now she could do the same for one of your memories (so fun!).

Head over to the Club Facebook page and upload a photo that shows one of your favourite memories where Club Orange played a role. If your memory gets chosen, you’ll win a really cute illustration based on your photo (how sweet!).

Club will also be giving away loads of retro merchandise, like hoodies and t-shirts, to a few lucky people who share some really great memories. Anyone who shares a photo could be in with a chance of winning these goodies and will also go in the draw to win the personal illustration.

It’s the perfect token to keep forever.

Brought to you by Club Orange