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01st Aug 2023

Six cheap and cheerful ways to celebrate National Girlfriend Day

For those of you who weren’t aware, today (August 1st) is National Girlfriend Day, but don’t fret because we have you covered.

It’s one of those annual celebrations that tends to slip under the radar and then blindside us on X, formerly known as Twitter, all of a sudden.

There is no Hallmark card for the day, and there is also no pressure, but it is a lovely excuse to dedicate a random Tuesday to reminding that special person in your life of what they mean to you.

Here are six low-cost, low-risk, but high-reward ways to make your significant other feel important today.

A clean house

There is no better feeling than getting in the door from work to a lovely, clean space – especially when your other half has made it that way for your benefit.

In 2023, we hope the workload is shared, but for today, completely clear their plate and allow them to put their feet up. Bonus points: have their favourite TV series/movie loaded up and their favourite scented candle lit.

Run a bath

Running around all day after toddlers, sitting at a desk from 9-5, or long commutes, by the time we get home, all we tend to do is hop into a quick shower to rinse off the day.

Sometimes we need a little nudge to soak in a lovely warm bath and really melt away the day’s stressors.

Today is the perfect day to be that little nudger and give your partner no choice but to accept the warm, watery embrace of a bubble bath by having it ready as soon as they greet you at the door. Don’t skip the lavender bath soak! 


You know your girlfriend better than anyone; does she take most pleasure in a takeaway? A home-cooked meal? Or a trip out to a restaurant that holds sentimental value?

Maybe you both love to cook together as a couple! Either way, capitalise on her preference and have it prepped, booked, or cooked to show your appreciation for the day that’s ahead.

As the saying goes, “Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.”

Beach Walks

A brisk walk on a scenic beach is sometimes the best medicine of all, and that time spent strolling instead of scrolling is a sure way to have some intimate conversation.

Ireland has some gorgeous beaches to offer, and we often tend to let the unpredictable weather put us off utilising them.

Research your local area, fill a mug of tea, get out near the water, and let it ground you both. It’s said that being near water has an extremely positive effect on our mental health and promotes a sense of inner peace. Happy wife, happy life. 

Fresh bed sheets and Pjs

This one is the way to my heart. There is no greater feeling than getting under a fresh duvet with new pyjamas on and curling up. Something about it sends me into the most peaceful of sleeps, and I find I always wake more refreshed, whether it’s a placebo or not.

This is a sure way to win the gratitude and affection of your SO, and it all but guarantees you meeting a well-rested and happy girl the next morning.

If you invest now, you’ll reap the rewards later. Trust me. If you want to go the extra mile, a new book or some lavender pillow spray may even get you some breakfast in bed (or not, but it’s still worth a try). 

A hand-written poem or note

You really don’t have to spend a penny to tell someone you love them. Remember, it’s the little things. Sometimes a conversation about how much they mean to you is more than enough and can get the love hormones pumping.

Why not preserve those feelings on paper so they can treasure them? Some of the best things in life are free, and this is a beautiful way to remind yourself of why you love them too.

Nothing beats a random declaration of love so get deep, get creative, and enjoy spreading the love!