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28th Jan 2016

WATCH: This Genius Chef Has Just Created An Easy Peasy Low-Fat SPICE BAG Recipe

All of the filth, none of the guilt.

If you have a craving for filth, but can’t handle the guilt, then this is the recipe you need in your life.

The pleasure of a dirty spice bag at the end of a night out is unrivalled, and we’re not going to mess with that.

However, it is slightly troubling when a spice bag craving arises on a Wednesday evening, mid-January, after a pretty heavy gym session.

Well now thanks to this very intelligent YouTuber, who goes by the title Chef Adrian, you can enjoy a healthy, low cal, guilt-free spice bag any time.

We also LOVE his no fuss, super-quick video style.

Check out how he does it below:

Video via YouTube/ChefAdrian