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07th May 2021

WATCH: Michael Fry has discovered the perfect way to be an absolute dote to his Godmother Catherine

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by permanent tsb

If you need some help gift shopping, Michael Fry has got you covered.

Have you got a family birthday coming up? Maybe you’re thinking about treating someone you haven’t seen in a while to a nice gift? Or are you looking for a way to make shopping a quicker, easier task?

We’ve got something that might help…

To get back in touch with his friends and family, Michael Fry recently treated them to some gifts with the help of permanent tsb and Apple Pay.

If you’re looking for some ways to treat your own friends and family, you can watch the full video below for some gift inspiration.

Michael’s Godmother Catherine

For his Godmother Catherine’s birthday, Michael treated her to a birthday meal with Deliveroo. For permanent tsb customers, in-app payments on the likes of Deliveroo are quick and simple with Apple Pay, thanks to Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode authorisation.

And because Apple Pay has no €50 spending limit for in-store purchases, he was also able to treat her to a lovely bouquet of flowers too. Sure, isn’t he lovely.

Michael’s very serious cousin Michael Ledger

For his very serious cousin Michael Ledger, some new stationary was the perfect gift to help him with his studies.

And the whole online shopping process was a breeze for Michael as, when using his permanent tsb Visa card with Apple Pay, he doesn’t need to key in his card details for every transaction.

Michael’s good friend Michael Keys

The final person on Michael’s list was his good friend Michael Keys. Being a keyboard player, he was delighted to receive a brand new microphone stand.

After buying all of these gifts, Michael was also fairly relieved to learn that there are no additional fees for permanent tsb customers who use Apple Pay, making it ideal for treating your family and friends.

It’s safe to say Michael’s gifts were very well received, and it’s a pretty smart way of getting back in touch with your mates that you haven’t seen in a while.

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