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10th Sep 2021

Viral TikTok reveals what the Travelodge logo actually is and people are shook

It’s genius.

We’ve never really thought about this in all that much depth, but now that it’s been brought to our attention we can’t stop.

When you look at the Travelodge logo, you immediately just think it’s a sunset with some hills in front of it, right?

But when you look closely at the logo, it’s not at all what we initially thought and one TikTok user has brought that to everyone’s attention.

TikTok user @chxrll took to the app to share her findings about the Travelodge logo, and let us tell you, she blew everyone’s mind.

“My dumb ass thinking about how the Travelodge logo is a person sleeping…” she said.

“For years I thought it was hills!”

We get it, it makes way more sense.

When you look really closely, there they are sleeping soundly on top of the Travelodge writing.

@__chxrll #fyp #foryourpage #foryou #yourpage #travelodge #mindblown #wtf #trend #viral ♬ WTF (feat. Amber Van Day) – HUGEL

We really can’t believe we never noticed this before, but it’s okay because we’re not the only ones as 661,000 others who watched the video were in just as much shock.

One commenter wrote: “I’ve never seen that before in all my life, I thought it was just colours!”

Another wrote: “OMFG I worked for Travelodge and I never even realised!”

A third was just as baffled saying: “I was today years old when I learned this.”

But some were more in tune than the rest of us, with one adding that they had known this information the whole time.

They wrote: “Am I the only person who has always known it was a person sleeping?”

Another added: “It’s both. It’s supposed to be like, ‘home away from home’ as if to say ‘after the travelled roads, you sleep well here’.”

Now that makes us feel a little bit better about not knowing.