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04th Jun 2014

VIDEO: Shocking Hits and Near-Misses for Motorists and Dublin’s Luas Line

Would you break a red light? Think again.


Have you ever run a red light and asked yourself; “What’s the harm?”

Watch this video, and you might think again.

Today marks the launch of a new campaign by the operators of Dublin’s Luas system, An Garda Síochána and Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar, highlighting the dangers of breaking a red light.

Luas has CCTV cameras in the tram cabs looking out onto the tracks and on the Luas Platforms, and operators put together videos of clips taken from these CCTV cameras to show how dangerous it is for motorists to run red lights at Luas junctions. This short video shows ten collisions and near misses between trams and road vehicles.

There have been 13 collisions so far this year, compared with 38 last year and 24 in 2012.