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13th Jun 2014

VIDEO – Kodaline Take Time Out To Visit The Children Of Temple Street Hospital


Sue Murphy

Hot off their American tour, Kodaline decided to drop into Temple Street Hospital and spend some time with the children. They also performed some of their hits in an acoustic set.

Denise Fitzgerald, CEO for Fundraising said, “Words cannot describe what a morale boost it is for our patients for someone like Kodaline to visit them at their bedside, singing the songs they listen to on their iPods. It really does brighten lives and leaves lasting memories.”

Speaking of their visit, Kodaline said, “The biggest thing for us is the devotion of the staff to their patients; they do all that’s in their power to make their patients’ lives a little better. A visit from us is so small compared to the incredible work they manage to do with the resources and limitations they are faced with.”

Take a look at their visit below.

Hat tip to the JOE boys for this one!