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24th Mar 2020

#Covid-19: Kodaline’s Mark Prendergast tests positive for coronavirus

Jade Hayden

“About 10 days ago I felt this very, very dry cough…”

Kodaline’s Mark Prendergast has detailed his experience of the coronavirus, which he contracted a few weeks ago.

The guitarist tested positive for Covid-19 this week, and said that he believed he contracted the virus while travelling through Heathrow airport.

He told RTÉ’s 2FM today that he noticed some symptoms of the virus while he was visiting his parents’ house.

“About 10 days ago I felt this very, very dry cough,” he said. “I was in my parents’ house (…) It was quite obvious it was a new cough. It was very, very, very dry.”

Mark said that he had “never had a cough like it before.”

He said that he immediately began to feel quite worried about his health, so he decided to leave the house.

“I was a little bit panicked,” he said. “I just got up and left (…) Maybe three or four days later, I got a fever that lasted four or five days.”

Mark said that despite the cough and the lengthy fever, he is thankful that his experience of the virus wasn’t particularly debilitating.

“Overall my experience wasn’t as bad as it can get. So I’m kind of lucky,” he said.

This comes after broadcaster Claire Byrne detailed her own experience of testing positive for Covid-19. 

Broadcasting live from her family shed last night, she said that she initially thought she had a chest infection or a head cold until her test came back positive.

“I had been self isolating and following the guidelines, but before I had symptoms was I giving this condition to all of these people?” she asked.

“I felt guilty, I felt shocked and I felt worried.”