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07th Jun 2019

A vape that gives you an orgasm now exists so you can combine your fav two things

Jade Hayden

vape orgasm

Hey man, do you vape?

Well you will after you hear about the Vapegasm, a new product that combines everybody’s two favourite activities – vaping and orgasming.

Can’t think of a single other thing you’d rather do in this world? Cool, us neither. Read on so.

The Vapegasm combines sexual stimulation with vaping through a technology that allowed users to control the vibrations of their sex toy using their vape.

Essentially, the longer your drag, the longer the sensation lasts.


The Vapegasm is the brainchild of CamSoda, an adult entertainment webcam site, who have made it their mission to combine getting high and getting off.

Users pair the Vapegasm to their Lovense sex toy via Bluetooth. The Vapegasm app then connects the two together, allowing whoever’s pulling on the vape to control the vibrations of the toy.

The app is currently only available for female Lovense sex toys, but the lads are working on adding male connected toys in the future.

A vibe, literally.

Vaping has exploded in popularity in recent years and quickly become part of today’s culture,” said Daryn Parker, CamSoda’s vice president.

“Anywhere you go, you see people juuling or pulling on a vape pen.

“Considering how much euphoria it provides people with, it only makes sense that we couple it with sexual stimulation to deliver an experience unlike anything before.”

You’ve got that part right, anyway.

The Vapegasm pens start at just $20 (about €17 not including shipping), which is a decent enough deal in fairness.

The only catch is that you’re going to have to get yourself a Lovense sex toy too if you want the thing to work.

Worth the investment?

Only time will tell.

You can find out more about the Vapegasm, if you’re anyway that inclined, here.