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02nd Jul 2019

Tourist told she’s wearing swimsuit wrong after her privates were ‘hanging out’

It could happen the best of us.

Denise Curtin


Look, it could happen the best of us.

But, that still doesn’t make it any less funny.

One tourist by the name of Lyndsey Brown was so upset by her swimsuit’s ill fit that she wrote to the retailer to complain about its “stretch” and the fact her “vagina was hanging out constantly”. Sharing an image of herself in the swimsuit, Lyndsey also added that she found the experience “embarrassing” and notably worse after time.

Sending her complaint to Pear Swimwear, the store got back in touch with the Scottish woman to tell her they’ve figured out the problem and you won’t believe it.

Being ever so polite, the brand informed Lyndsey that she was actually wearing the swimwear upside down and the part on her shoulder is for the vagina and vice-versa.

This tweet has since gone viral

“The thinnest part of the swimsuit will be the strap which sits across your shoulder,” they wrote in response to the image which shows Lyndsey with that part on her privates.

Bless her for wearing this in public.

Lyndsey was in Ocean with her friends in Ibiza when she wore the swimsuit out, clarifying the situation, the 20-year-old revealed that at first she was wearing it the correct way but then, got drunk, went to the toilet, put it back on wrong and got kicked out for drunken disorderly.

Like I said, could happen the best of us.

Still brilliant.