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19th Sep 2019

These are the three phone notifications that make us really grumpy

How many times do these notifications pop up on your phone?

Olivia Hayes

Where would we be without our smartphones?

It seems like we rely on them for absolutely everything these days… but according to a new study, they put us in a really bad mood.

According to The Telegraph, nearly a third of the notifications we get on our phones make us either hostile, upset or nervous.

However, the three that really put us in a grim mood are work-related notifications, phone updates and Wi-Fi availability alerts.

The study, which was carried out in Nottingham Trent University, saw that generally, our phones just make us unhappy.

“It is clear that social notifications make people happy, but when they receive lots of work-related and or non-human notifications, the opposite effect occurs,” said Dr. Eiman Kanjo, one of the authors of the study.

The candidates were really put through the ringer as well.

50 participants had to download an app that would monitor all of the notifications they received.

Over a five-week period, the candidates received over half a million notifications (yes, half a mill) and had to write their reactions down on a questionnaire three times a day.

So, it’s kinda no wonder they were in such bad moods, huh?