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11th Jul 2014

This Weekend, You… Should Head To The Park

Enjoy the great outdoors!


We love the great outdoors and this good weather is ideal for getting out and enjoying nature.

Whether your local park is a major landmark or a grassy knoll, there’s something about ditching the shoes, feeling the grass under your feet and basking in the sun that puts the stresses of a busy week behind you. Whether you’re a fan of relaxing or getting active, the world is your oyster.

Here are some of our favourite ways to spend a day out!

1) Quality time with our four-legged friends

The only thing more fun than spending time outside is spending time outside with your favourite pet. Grab a frisbee and take your pooch for some playtime. You’ll both have a ball!


2) Grab some ‘me time’

Work and home life generally doesn’t leave a lot of time for just relaxing so why not grab a takeaway coffee and a pile of magazines and take some time out? For bonus points and some serious R&R, turn the mobile off!


3) Summer lovin’

Whether you’re happily coupled up or testing the waters with a new man, a trip to the park is the perfect setting for a romantic date. Follow a nice hand-in-hand stroll with a picnic for a day that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


4) Catch-up time

During the summer, bikini diets can put a stop to long girly brunches or nights out so why not gather your gang and chill out in the park? With no ‘last orders’ or eavesdropping partners, you can enjoy a no-holds-barred gossip for as long as you like!


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