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05th Dec 2017

This rejection letter is literally the harshest thing we’ve ever read

Ah, lads.

Jade Hayden



If you’ve ever gotten a rejection letter you’ll know how disheartening they can be.

It’s never a nice feeling hearing that no, you aren’t good enough for this job and no, you’re not going to be allowed to do the thing that you want to do and no, that guy that you asked out on Tinder doesn’t actually want to meet up with you.

Very, very disheartening.

Probably still not half as disheartening though as this rejection that this guy received way back in 1928.

F.C. Meyer sent some of his poems to Australian publisher Agnus and Robertson in the hope of getting them published.

However, the response he received was less than ideal.

It reads:

“No, you may not send us your verses, and we will not give you the name of another publisher. We hate no rival publisher sufficiently to ask you to inflict them on him. The specimen poem is simply awful. In fact, we have never seen worse.”


We have to say, if we received the above we’d probably never write poetry again.

So fair play to F.C. Meyer for actually going off and self-publishing his own book of poems called ‘Jewels of Mountains and Snowlines of New Zealand.’

Sounds lovely.